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April 13, 2006



this is absurd. Are you really a stumbling block? Or did their husbands just mention how nice you looked. You wear nice clothes-meaning not dumping looking and you wear make-up. You take pride in your appearance. A C cup is large but not that large. I'm overweight so a C cup on me is not that big. I bet you also are not overweight or just slightly.

I think they are jealous.

My husband will comment about good looking women. I don't think it's lust. He just appreciates when women look nice. (OK-sometimes there is a lust factor). But even Jimmy Carter lusted in his mind (via playboy a long time ago).

I hope you can leave this church soon. You are always going to be the scapegoat unless you become like a stepford wife. Scary.


Hi There,

I clicked on your WEB site because it was linked @ the One Year Bible Blog. I hope you come back and read this.

You are not the "PROBLEM," they are. Instead of dealing with their own lusts, they are blaming what is outside, passing the responsibility of their own inner turmoil onto you.

I don’t know who you are but I will be praying for you and asking God to show you 1) how to handle your situation if you are suppose to be at that church (God maybe using you to expose the hidden sin of lusts), or 2) find a church where you fit in.

The church you are attending sounds like it could be a dangerous place because of a failure to take responsibility for one’s own actions by blaming the “victim” mentality.

Grace and peace to you. You will achieve victory!!



It never ceases to amaze me how people can (consciously or otherwise) manage to project their shortcomings on others. God gave you what you have, and as long as you are not consciously flaunting it, the problem is not yours.

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