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April 18, 2006



Yes it does:-)
The more time I spend without Him, the more I start relying on myself, which results in more mistakes and a greater opportunity for the great deceiver to twist my mind. In other words, it makes it so much harder to stay focused on God's word and will and to live it. you a good push! (grin)

Luv ya, dear sister.

God's Grace.


I have found when things get foggy, just like when you are driving, you slow down, don't make any crazy decisions, but stay on the last known true path. And when the fog clears, you get your bearings, get back in touch with the Father, and refresh the faith you exercized in the fog. That's what I do, anyway.

When it comes to church, remember the Lord said it is for the sick, not the "perfect." I think anywhere you go you will find those who will offend at church! You may be there to set a good example for them by showing them steadfastness and love.

But listen to your heart and mind, that is where God speaks. He may be nudging you to a better place for you and your family. After all, they come first. God's speed!


Ernest, as usual great, amazing and wise words! Thanks for your seemingly endless supply of them!

Corry, Consider me pushed! Thanks for loving enough to do it! By the way, it only hurt a little.

love to you guys!


All the time

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