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November 23, 2005



Personally, I think the whole 'freedom of speech' thing these days is a joke. It seems to me that a lot of people just say that those who use Christmas, or *Gasp* Jesus Christ, anything religious and be open about it are invading their rights. What about ours? Either way, someone gets stepped on. It's a sad world we're living in, kudos to you for sending your child to a Christian school for that reason. At least some still invest in their children with a moral foundation.


Thank you so much for your words of support. I had just heard this debate between a woman and man aguing the legality of saying "Merry Christmas". And, she didn't want their school doing a Christmas Pagent, so, you guessed it, she was suing. I feel as though each year we want to remove something else from the season of His birth. We want our children, our society to know the true meaning of the season, that it's not just about getting presents, then we fight to remove that meaning? Where's the logic? Anyway. You made my day with your comments!


for the sake of the kids and humanity (pay it forward wish them a merry christmas !

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