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August 20, 2006



((((((HUGS))))) dear sister.

God's Grace.


I'm late to see this... but as always your words were poignant and beautiful. I wish your Lenny could be here to celebrate his birthday with you....

Thinking of you.


happy birthday lenny..
and love to each of you..
this time of year always brings you to the forefront of my mind and heart!

your journey is so rich and deep and your love for J & C are apparent as you let them grow on and beyond the sadness that once defined them... you are such a good mom!

miss you, my friend! call, write or lets do coffee!!!

hugs from me to you, J & C!!

btw, the pic of lenny reminds me of lovely Jess!!

you are all in my thoughts and prayers!


hi karen,
i've been thinking of you.. i am so glad you have this site, because even though i never got to meet lenny, i feel as though i know him through you. you have taught me so much about life through yours and his.
much love and peace to you..

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