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A mom of two, re-discovering who I want to be.


There is no way to make this sound interesting! Born and raised in Los Angeles, I moved to the east coast at 25 to raise my family. Now 38, I'm wondering what I thought would be so different here! Those who read my blog know that I was widowed on 9/11, and since than I've been soul seeking and working hard to "pick up the pieces" and make life the best it can be for the three of us given the circumstances. Disgustingly proud of my daughters, I spend most of my time with them, writing about them, praying for them, bragging about them or volunteering at their school. Having my faith strengthened in the last eight months or so, I thank God every day for loving and caring for us. I became a Christian in my teens, so I'm not so proud that it's taken so long since 9/11 to get this part of my life back in order, but God has been faithful, and my church family has been the very dearest blessing.

I love, I mean really love Dave Matthews, Joe Jackson, hockey and lots of gossip. I also am reliving those early girlie days with my oldest, and shopping for clothes and makeup has taken on new meaning.


Being a mom, meeting new people online and off, just about any book or any movie makes me happy! I love accoustic guitar, and anyone or any group that has that sound becomes an instant favorite. (Although I've been known to be a groupie for bands with other sounds as well!)